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Fastrak 15 release notes

We are committed to continually providing our users with high quality, market leading solutions for building structures. Fastrak 15 is a significant upgrade with many completely new features.

Upgrade Notes:

If you are upgrading from Fastrak 14.1:

  • To reduce 'downtime’ you can contact your local CSC Licensing Team to request your Product Activation Keys (PAKs) before upgrading your software.
  • Your upgrade PAKs and will only activate the software for a PC, USB Key or License Server which has the previous version of the software already licensed.

What’s New?

The following topics highlight the changes and enhancements in Fastrak version 15.0. 

Westok Plate Beams

  • Westok Plate Beams (WPB) are now supported.

Composite Beam/Simple Beam to Eurocode - closely spaced web openings

  • Enhanced solutions are provided for close proximity of adjacent web openings, in accordance with SCI P355.

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis

  • An additional export has been added that creates a Robot text file which can be opened in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis.

Wind Loading

  • The EC1 1-4 UK NA has been updated to A1:2010 – in particular, BS6399 is not used for roof zoning for this Code.
  • For BS6399, it is now possible to generate overall load cases to Clause
  • In addition to ASCE/SEI 7-05, it is now possible to set the Wind Design Code to ASCE/SEI 7-10.

Seismic Wizard

  • Seismic analysis and design is now performed and output to ASCE/SEI 7-10 in addition to ASCE/SEI 7-05. 

Updates in line with recommendations of SCI publications

Recommendations have been incorporated from the following SCI publications:-

  • P326 – Crane beam to BS5950 design
  • P358 – Column splices to Eurocode design
  • P358 – Simple connections to Eurocode design.

Integration with Revit Structure

The following enhancements have been made:

  • Westok Plated beams are now fully integrated with Revit Structure.
  • Selection Group Names and Notes are now fully integrated with Revit Structure for Columns, Beams, Braces and Truss Members.
  • Shear stud designation – there was a bug in the previous version where the number of shear studs on a composite beam would not be transferred correctly to Revit Structure, this has now been fixed.

Second Order Analysis Failure

  • When the analysis fails, potentially unstable nodes are now highlighted indicating buckling and/or a mechanism.

Column Base Design to BS 5950 code

  • Full details of the shear key are included in the graphics and reports.
  • Enhancements to settings for resistance to horizontal shear loads on the base (see product bulletin 22)

Moment Connections

Changes made to modify dimensional constraints for:

  • End plate dimension relative to beam and haunch flange widths
  • Bolt gauge relative to bolt diameter

Hollow Section Welded Connection

A status issue has been corrected - where axial load was zero, i.e. not tension, it was reported as a fail, when it should have been a pass.

Portal Frame to BS 5950 code

A number of enhancements/corrections have been made:

  • Additional dimensions on the 2D view
  • For the hinge history details, the moments are now displayed in kNm units, with the shear and axial forces in kN units
  • Enhanced ‘copy’ facility of column size, and changes in column size are recognised to return an updated base rotational stiffness
  • Enhanced ‘copy’ facility for mono-pitched rafters member stability positions, we now allow a user selection for either a copy or a mirror
  • Enhanced auto-checks for the member stability on internal and/or right hand columns when internal restraints are provided
  • Enhanced member stability checks in the vicinity of a point of contra-flexure in a rafter
  • Member stability issue corrected in a long span rafter adjacent the sharp end of the haunch when a plastic hinge is reported
  • Strength checks at the apex haunches of a propped portal, error in the moment and axial design values corrected.

Cold Rolled Materials

  • Purlins, rails & eaves beams supplied by A. Steadman & Son have been incorporated.

Fastrak Building Designer

A number of enhancements/corrections have been made:

  • Corrected design routines for raked columns, (see product bulletin 29) 
  • Corrected decomposition of load to bearing walls, (see product bulletin 28)
  • DXF export of a portal frame, issue if selected option was ‘draw the elements as single lines’
  • DXF export – bad entity message was preventing a file from opening
  • Brace bar lengths added to bracing forces reports, including the excel export
  • 3D view, ‘Axis system’ item included in the Preferences/ Colours/ Graphics view
  • Plated composite beam, display at the design summary page now shows the correct critical value and capacity limit for the vertical shear check when the design is executed as ‘non-composite’
  • Model with shear wall and opening was crashing when attempt to create a material report
  • Issue when placing a shear wall opening in the sub-structure view; ‘undo’ also crashed
  • Elastic section modulus item added to the default shear wall attribute set
  • Shear wall attribute set now includes a calculated value for shear modulus, G
  • Eurocode design of web openings – enhanced check, program now identifies that ‘axial fails’ and reports correctly against the appropriate combinations, and at the design summary page
  • View options, if a particular floor is unchecked, the program now correctly also removes the slab from the 3D view
  • View options, if a particular floor is unchecked, the program now correctly also removes the deflections from post processing graphics view
  • Eurocode version – general column; combined buckling results at the summary page level did not agree with those at the details level
  • All–codes: default is now for all gravity combinations to be set as critical
  • FBD beam attributes; copy function has been improved
  • All codes – default setting for Brace attribute set/ Design page: ‘Automatic design’ now checked ‘on’
  • The deflection results for composite and simple beams now cater for live load reductions 
  • Default is now for all gravity combinations to be set as critical
  • FBD beam attributes; copy function has been improved
  • Default is now 1st order analysis and design
  • Changes to the range of allowable slab thickness
  • Base shears and reactions are now included at each level in the seismic report for category A
  • Stacked shear walls will no longer duplicate the seismic weight
  • Enhanced calculation of sloped framing for seismic weights 
  • Default setting for Steel Joist attribute set/Analysis page: ‘Prevent out-of-plane instability’ is now checked ‘on’
  • Default setting for Brace attribute set/ Design page: ‘Automatic design’ now checked ‘on’

Other Issues

  • Numerous other issues have been addressed based on your feedback