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The following topics highlight the changes and enhancements in Fastrak version 16.0

You may have already been received your Fastrak Portal Frame 16 upgrade PAKs, however if you intend to use Fastrak Portal Frame in conjunction with Fastrak Building Designer then you will need to request a new Fastrak Building Designer 16 upgrade BEFORE installing the new release to ensure you do not experience any downtime.

You can request your Fastrak Building Designer 16 upgrade PAKs here or contact your local Trimble office.

Fastrak Portal Frame

  • Fastrak portal frame has been updated to contain an EC code of practice to the UK and Eire national annexes, following the publication of SCI P399 - Design of Steel Portal Frames Buildings to Eurocode 3
  • Elasto-plastic analysis of a portal frame and the relevant design checks to complete a design to Eurocodes according to a selected national annex can now be performed.
  • The design software procedure follows the same methodology as a British standard design, with the relative design checks of strength, in-plane stability, member stability, and SLS checks completed.
  • Best practice recommends that designs are cross checked to Eurocodes using the recognised method of BS5950 and results compared. This is instantly achieved within the Portal Frame program.
  • Portal Frame will maintain links to Fastrak Building Designer with the transfer of modelling information and designed sections, retrievable from both packages.
  • All connections (moment and column bases) can still be designed no matter what code of practice is selected.

We highly recommend that you take note of the published technical release document Fastrak 16 - Eurocode Portal Frame Complementary Information which accompanies this release.

Fastrak Building Designer

  • Correction in the web openings check (EC)
  • Correction in the automated wind wizard (EC) automatically calculated Structural Factor - cscd
  • Various updates and fixes based on customer feedback

Fastrak Connections

  • Moment connections correction
  • Various updates and fixes based on customer feedback

Fastrak Components

  • Various updates and fixes based on customer feedback


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