Orion 18.0 sp3

Please note that service pack 2 was not put on general release.

Enhancements in sp3

Beam detailing

On the detail drawings, extension and lap dimensions are now rounded to the total bar length rounding step, whereas in previous releases they were being rounded to the nearest 5mm.

Adjusted shear area properties in FE column head model

When the option to include column sections is applied, the rigid members used to model the column head were previously assigned a shear area equal to 5/6 of the column area. Consequently some degree of shear deformation was possible across the column head. To prevent this, in 18.0sp3 a value of shear area is explicitly assigned which in general eliminates such shear deformations.

Editing beam level data in data tables

The functionality for editing the beam level data for multiple beams via data tables has been improved to cater for the input of negative values of ‘h-top’.

Fixes in sp3

Run time error after analysis of piled mat foundation

Following FE analysis of a piled mat foundation, closing the post-processor by clicking OK to transfer the results would cause a run time error 9 to be displayed. This error has now been corrected.

Un-rounded link spacing in beam design

In a very small number of cases, the designed beam link spacing was not being rounded correctly to the spacing step specified in the beam design settings. This error has now been corrected.

Eigenvalue analysis – number of modes

In the previous release you could not re-set the desired number of modes after the first analysis run. This error has now been corrected.

Eigenvalue analysis failure

A model specific problem that prevented successful completion of eigenvalue analysis has been corrected.